Storing Cakes

I often get asked how I have enough time to bake and decorate cakes while juggling a full time job and a family.

The key is time management. It’s not going to happen all in one evening. I remind myself it’s a marathon, not a sprint (back to my mantra in engineering school).

So let’s say I have a cake I want to bring to the office on a Friday, this is how I go about it:

Sunday: Prepare the icing. Store in an airtight tupperware container and pop it in the freezer.

Wednesday: Bake the cake. I leave the cake layers in their pans to cool on a wire rack on the counter. Once cool, I cover the top of the pan with foil and place in the freezer. Seriously, you can leave the layers in the pans in the freezer over night and absolutely nothing happens. I’ve done this plenty of times.

Thursday morning: Pull the icing out and set on the kitchen counter to thaw out

Thursday evening: Pull the layers of cake out about 30 minutes before I start decorating and leave on counter.

I also throw the icing back into my mixer and add a little heavy cream as I mix.

Decorate your cake and ta-da! Cake is complete. I wouldn’t have had the time to do it all in one night so I spread it out over a span of 5 days.

What if I don’t have time during that week to bake? 

No problem! You can always bake your layers and make your icing up to a month in advance by freezing.

If you’re going to leave your cake layers in for more than a day or a two in the freezer, I recommend individually wrapping each layer in heavy duty foil and leaving it in the freezer until you’re ready to decorate.


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